One Thousand Dead Beetles (working title)
30:11 / Audio

One Thousand Dead Beetles is a soundalk that leads listeners into a forest. Guiding the journey is a voice who, standing amongst the trees, wonders what’s behind the bark.

Within the work’s swampy tangle of subjects is the bark beetle and its catastrophic outbreak that, due to warming temperatures, is spreading across the planet, destroying forests.

The piece was recorded binaurally in the spruce studded forests of Älvsbacka (Sweden) where it’s also intended to be experienced on headphones. I'm currently working to adapt it into a soundwalk that can be experienced in any forest but for now, if you'd like those Swedish GPS coordinates and a sound file of the full version, please get in touch.

One Thousand Dead Beetles was realised whilst on residency at Hybrida AIR 2023. It contains vocal contributions from fellow artist Sigrun Gyða and ex moose hunter/amateur animal impersonator, Gösta Ljungberg.

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